Paradise Sandbox v1.3

Paradise Sandbox v1.3

Paradise Sandbox is a real-time scene-builder & visualization tool aimed at architects and 3D hobbyists who are used to work with 3D CAD software whose output models don’t have enough detail/quality for being rendered in real-time with great visual results (Trimble SketchUp, Catia[…).

Paradise Sandbox will automatically enhance your models with real-time reflections, ambient occlusion, shadows, hundred of lights, water materials… and stunning skies, volumetric clouds, thunderstorms and oceans. Also, you’ll be able to change your objects’s materials with a simple mouse right-click, using the built-in material database (200+ materials, which will quickly grow in the coming months)!

Main features:

  • Full-featured world editor
  • Import from more than 45 file formats
  • High-quality render client real-time
  • AAA hybrid rendering pipeline and state-of-the-art post-processing effects
  • 200+ built-in materials
  • Stunning physically-based oceans, skies and volumetric clouds
  • PRO version at a hobbyist price: 59.95€ until 30th November (99.95€ after launch offer)
  • FREE version

Finally, mention that a lot of major features are planned for the following 1.X version iterations, including:

  • Timeline-based animation/path system
  • High-quality offline render system
  • Volumetric terrain with editing capabilities



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